Monday, December 17, 2012

Practical makeup application

J looking very dour for some reason.
Yesterday I had the opportunity to try out several of my finished recipes for a small soire at Kristinehovs malmgård. First, the Marechale powder. My own hair is a very light brown (or dark blonde) and the brown hair powder actually mimicked my natural hair colour very well and was only visible because it was, well, powder. I also used A curious Varnish for the Face on bosom, throat and underarm and as I have noted before it didn’t acted like a varnish at all, but only made my skin felt smoother and smelling pleasantly vanilla-ish. The powder and varnish blended quite well together scent-wise and was pretty low-key. People could smell it when they came close, but then I mean close. A friend of mine who is scent sensitive had no problems sniffing me; he was even quite enthusiastic over it.

I also tried out the Another kind of rouge, which is in a nice true red shade. Being a liquid I applied it on the cheeks with a sponge, which was easy enough as long as I didn’t apply too much pressure, causing rivulets of red to drips down my jaw. I also used it on my lips, applying it with a brush. It looked good, the colour being sheer but buildable, but as the base is red wine and alcohol is drying, my lips were very dry when I came home.
I must confess to not applying white makeup, but went modern. Though I did powder my face with Titanium oxide with mica to give face and bosom a bit of a shimmer. Flash is not flattering and my expression here isn’t either, but you can see the shimmer quite well here.

I took a few photos in daylight to try to give a better sense of the true colours.

I must say that it is so much fun to try out my recipes!


  1. You look wonderful and the shimmer powder does give you a very cheery glow. It looks great!

  2. How absolutely beautiful! The shimmer powder gives your skin such a marvelous, light-from-withing glow. Forget modern cosmetics (at least sometimes ;) ), I think we need to bring more wonderful recipes like this, especially when they look as lovely as they do here on you.

    ♥ Jessica


    Thank you so, so much for your thoroughly awesome advice regarding how to curl/reshape non-heat resistant synthetic wigs. I'd not heard about that technique before, and truly appreciate that you shared your knowledge and experience on it with me. ♥

    1. Thank you so much!

      I hope you will find them helpful in practice too! I have friends who curl and then dip the wig quickly in boiling water, but I have never dared to try that one...