Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A small announcement

I have something to tell you, which I feel a bit shy about, but as some may notice that I have pulled some of my posts from the blog, I thought it would only be fair to tell you why. I have begun writing a book on 18th century beauty and though it is nowhere near completion, the writing in itself goes very well. The plan is to make it with three sections, one for history, one for recipes and one with few makeup tutorials. A both theoretical and practical book, in other words.


As of now I don’t know in which form the finished product will take, or when it will be finished, but at the very least there will be an E-book eventually. I will continue to do my cosmetics experiments here, but no more essays.


Great idea, or just plain dumb? Would you be interested in a book like that?

Young Girl Writing A Love Letter by Pietro Antonio Rotari, ca 1755


  1. very interested!

    good luck for your work!

  2. I would be! I'm a costume designer and it would be an excellent resource! It would be great in book form, because I know for me, my e-reader doesn't support colored photographs.

  3. Thank you all for the support!

  4. I would definitively love to get a book like this. A great plus for me would be if it contains a lot of visuals alongside recipes. As much as I loved Sally Pointer's book, I found it really lacking in graphic material and therefore difficult to follow at times, although I liked the content.