I get regular questions on where I buy the ingridients to my recipes. Here is a list of the online shops I have purchased from so far. I have also found what I need in food stores, health food stores and stores that sells art supplies.

Alchemy Works US-based. I have bought synthetic civet and ambergris. Also sells resins and herbs.

Mountainrose Herbs US-based. Herbs, spices and oils, many of them organic. Sadly they stopped shipping overseas just after I recieved my first order.

Naturkosmetikmagasinet Swedish-based. Herbs, essential oils and various comsetic bases. Also sells bottles and jars.

Naturally Thinking UK-based. Essential oils, jars bottles and various cosmetic bases.

The Perfumer's Apprentice US-based. Sells perfume bases and blends

Sally Pointer UK-based. I have purchased white lead substitute as well as cometic grade Iron oxide. Sells other histoical cometics as well.

Spådom Swedish-based. Have a nice collection of resins like labdanum and bensoe.

TKB Trading US-based. Cosmetic ingridients. I have bought carmine, bismuth and real pearl powder from them.

Örtagubben Swedish-based. Herbs and essential oils.

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